Mary Keller – Owner

Mary has 30 years’ of experience working with all types of pets! Mary has been to many Pet Industry Conferences covering: Fire, Safety, Emergency Preparedness, First Aid, CPR, Vaccines, Feline Aids, Feline Leukemia, and much more!  She has a heart of gold for all the pets in her care.  She is constantly keeping up with continued education in the pet care field.  She is available by appointment if you are having pet related issues.

She has attended a wide variety of Grooming Seminars covering: Grooming Safety, Seniors Pets, Creative Design and much more.

She has rescued a wide variety of animals, shown dogs, has volunteered with her Therapy Dogs visiting Children with severe handicaps and nursing homes. She has trained dogs in conformation, therapy, packing and obedience (positive reinforcement). She has experience with; Dogs, Cats, Birds, Chinchillas, Hamster’s, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and some reptiles.

She has one daughter, two Chickens and four Poodles that she adores!

Crystal Osea – Groomer

Crystal has 22 years’ experience in Grooming. She attended the International Dog Grooming Academy in Atlanta, GA. She has been to many pet industry conferences. She is trained in first aid and CPR. She grooms all breeds of dogs, and can even groom Guinea Pigs! She trained and experienced in hand scissoring and will groom your pet to your specifications!  She will not only make your pet look good her/she will feel good after being pampered in the spa and will confidently prance out the door.

She has many years’ experience grooming: Many breeds of dogs, Rescue Dogs, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs and Working Dogs.

She has a vast experience working with: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits, Chinchillas, Turtles and Guinea Pigs. She has shown dogs, trained for conformation and obedience, and rescued a wide variety of animals.

She is married to EJ Osea and they have two children, two Rescue Dogs (Pug and Boxer/Chow mix), Rabbit and two Chickens.

Ej Osea – Groomer

EJ has been grooming at Charleston Pet Resort & Spa for 13 years. He has experience working with Rescue Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Seeing Eye Dogs, and all breeds of dogs of various ages. He is very detailed oriented. He concentrates on dogs only. He is very good at bathing! The dogs love his massages he gives them as he makes them clean and smell wonderful! He is very calm and soft spoken therefore, fearful, rescue or first time grooming puppies/dogs love him! His specialties are bathing, brushing out, teeth brushing, pedicures and if requested, shaving a dog down to perfection, and even takes request for Mohawks!

He is married to Crystal Osea and they have two children and live on site! They also have two Rescue Dogs (Pug and Boxer/Chow mix), Rabbit and two Chickens

Maranda Gainey – Shift Supervisor, Daycare Administrator, Feline Groomer

Maranda has 16 years of experiences working with all types of pets. She is trained in First Aid and CPR. Her canine experiences are with pets that are Timid/Shy, Energetic, Pets with Disabilities, Rescued Pets, Senior Pets, Puppies, Service Dogs, Working Dogs, and Show Dogs. She has many years of experience working with tiny to extra-large pets. She is trained and has experience recognizing when a pet is in: distress, bloat, pain, sad, needs veterinary care and animal behavior. She has lots of experience in administrating medication.

Maranda has a true love of pets and will make your pets experience one that they will want to come back for years to come.  She visits each pet for Personalized Pampered Sessions.

She has a wide variety of knowledge and experience with Dogs, Cats, Birds, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Rabbit’s, Reptiles and Fish.

She is trained and experienced in Cat Grooming.  She has limited appointments available for cat grooming.

She has two children, one Standard Poodle, one Parakeet and two Chickens.

Kelsey Wcela – Office Supervisor

Kelsey has been with Charleston Pet Resort & Spa for four years but has 10+ years in Customer Service experience!  She worked at a four star hotel for 2 years before moving to Charleston and working for us! Kelsey’s upbeat personality will make your check in process a pleasant experience. Her knowledge of all the actives, packages and services offered will be sure to make your pets stay a true vacation time, full of fun for your pet. Grooming requests? No problem! Kelsey can take care of all of your grooming appointment needs as she works hand in hand with Crystal and EJ in regards to their schedule!  She can even set you up on a maintenance program!  Ask her about our monthly specials!

She has experience working with many different: breeds of pets, Rescue Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and Seeing Eye Dogs. She is trained in First Aid and CPR and can administer medications. She is trained, and can tell, when a pet is in: distress, bloat, pain, sad and needs veterinary care.

She is a Proud Air Force Wife, has one son and two dogs (Pit-bull Mix and Chihuahua Mix).

Natalie Pritchard – Pet Care Technician

Natalie is our newest member of the team. She is very soft spoken making the pets in our care love her! She is a warm and cheerful person, who takes great care in maintaining a clean and safe facility! She is trained in First Aid and CPR and can easily read the pets’ body language and can tell when dogs are in distress and need veterinary care. She truly loves all pets!

She loves one on one time with each pet for their Personalized Pamper Sessions.  She enjoys working with all pets! Check out our Facebook page ( for pictures of her and your pet!

She lives with her two dogs (Pit-bull and Terrier mix)!