Vacation packages are designed to give your pet the special attention they deserve. Everyone likes to be pampered during their vacation! Packages can be mixed with different activities at any point during your pet’s stay. All gourmet treats are made for dogs. These prices are in addition to boarding price.


$10.00* per 1/2 hour | $16.00* per hour

TV time at the house with a staff member (soaps or movie)

  • Bed with pillow
  • Gourmet Treat


poolPOOL PARTY   –   $15.00*

Swim until tired. Rinsed off and 15 min. break, then dessert time (Doggie Ice Cream)


TEEN PACKAGE   –   $10.00* per day

  • 2 Sessions of extra playtime (ball or Frisbee w/ personal companion)
  • Gourmet snack


POTTY TRAINIG PACKAGE   –   $10.00* per day
(for Villa Guests Only)

  • Potty Breaks Every 3 hours
  • Training Treats to Reinforce House-Breaking


PUPPY PACKAGE   –   $10.00* per day

  • Social time twice a day. Will meet several people a day!
  • Doggie Gourmet Treat


SENIOR PACKAGE   –   $10.00* per day

  • Special orthopedic bed with pillow
  • TV time with Grandma in the house (soap or movie)
  • Soft gourmet treat or Frosty paws Ice Cream


SOPHISTICAT TLC  PACKAGE   –   $8.00* per day

  • Special cozy bed
  • Time with personal companion for petting
  • Gourmet treat


FELINE FROLIC TEEN PACKAGE   –   $8.00* per day

  • 2 sessions of extra play w/personal play companion in Kitty Playground
  • Catnip Snack


EXTRA PLAYTIME…   –   15 minutes: $5.00*   30 minutes: $8.00*


Your pet will have his or her personal play companion to play ball or Frisbee,
take a walk or be loved on.




* Prices subject to change without notification