A Vacation For Your Pet!

Charleston Pet Resort & Spa is here to sweep your companion off their feet in comfort and fun they will go wag wild to enjoy again and again!

Going on vacation? So can your companion! No need to feel sorry again when leaving your pet for that well deserved getaway. At CPR your pet is on a vacation all their own. Of course they will still miss you, but just not as much.

CPR is a great  resort for your “best friend” with all the luxuries of home.

  • activityLarge In & Out Runs
  • Runs are connected
  • Bedrooms – Heated & A/C
  • Music 24 hours
  • Personalized Pamper Time – Each pet has one on one time with a person to get loved on, brushed and talked to.
  • Security – Senior Staff lives on-site, Monitored Security System installed in all buildings
  • Proper Nutrition
    – We feed Eagle Park Super Premium Food


All pets must be up to date on all vaccinations. You must bring proof of vaccinations with you. You can fax records to 763-2249

  • Vaccinations for dogs include: RABIES, DHLP & Bordetella & we highly recommend Flu Vaccine
  • Vaccinations for cats include: RABIES, LEUKEMIA & FVRCP

Services Offered

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Boarding Tips

  • Ozzie Pool PartyBring items from home that will make your pet more comfortable, for example toys, bed and blanket, bones or treats, and something that smells like home.
  • Consider at least one day of extra activities for your pet. He or she will enjoy the extra attention.
  • Zip lock bags work excellent to bring in pet’s food. Some clients even divide meals into servings.  Please pack extra food and medication for just in case your trip gets extended.
  • Please label everything. (Food, blankets, toys,etc.)
  • For your convenience we provide a belonging sheet to record all items you bring for your pet.
  • Let us know of anything that we need to know to make your pet feel more at home.
  • We suggest that your dog get a bath on your pickup date. (Regardless of our efforts to keep the kennels and yards clean, there may be instances where your dog may get dirty.) For example… while spending time in our grassy play areas, jumping , rolling, and digging.