Paw Purrfect Cattery
Cat walkOur cattery is one of a kind in many fabulous ways. We offer Condo and Luxury Condo accommodations for your frisky feline. Our cattery is a separate climate controlled building with 24 hour music. Each guest is allowed their own play time in our unique Rainbow Row and Cooper River Bridge cat walk play areas.

  • Rainbow Row Kitty Condos
  • Luxury Condos w/ balcony
  • Each condo has a loft w/pillow
  • Each cat has his/her own play time in the play area
  • Play area has Cooper River Bridge Cat Walk
  • Music – 24 Hours
  • EXTRA PLAYTIME offered

Boarding Rates:

LC 4Kitty Condo 4
 cattery Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
Standard Kitty Condo $22.00 $39.50
Luxury Kitty Condo $27.50 $55.00