Pet-Centered Boarding

accomodationsCPR offers a variety of boarding options to fit your pet’s individual needs. We are more than happy to help you select the best boarding for your pet based on: size, temperament, health, age and other personality traits. We specialize in individualized care, all pets have their own private room (rooms are available for multi-pet families).

We want to ensure your pet has a safe and happy stay. Our facility offers climate controlled buildings, extensive security and surveillance systems, 24 hour on-call veterinarian services, 24 hour music and proper nutrition.

We provide the following for our cats & dogs: Beds, Blankets/Bedding, Toys and Food & Water Dishes.

You Provide: Food, Treats (we have Gourmet Treats available to purchase here), Medications (if any, and whatever you use with them eg: pill pockets, hotdogs, peanut butter, etc…)!

If you are boarding an exotic pet, we ask that you bring their home as well as all necessary supplies with them (food, treats, vitamins, heat lamps or rocks, bedding, etc…)!

Our one of the kind facility includes individualized rooms with their own personal connected outdoor area for unlimited potty breaks! In the morning your pet will be taken outside to a fenced in play area that includes agility equipment and toys. In the afternoons, a staff member will visit each room and give them a Personalized Pamper Session. This session includes: cuddling, petting, brushing and talking to!

We also have two shifts of staff with between 6-10 people on staff. Our last shift tucks everyone in around 10 PM. We also have someone on site 24 hours a day. You can Meet the Staff of Charleston Pet Resort & Spa by clicking here: Meet The Staff!

Basic Boarding: See Standards.

Private Boarding: See Privates.

Villa Boarding: See TLC Villas.

Luxury Suite: See Suites

Boarding Rates:

Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
Basic Boarding $35.00 $65.00
Private Boarding $40.00 $75.00
TLC Villas $40.00 $75.00
$60.00 $105.00
Special Needs Pets $10.00 per room per day This includes those friends who are incompetent or may need additional assistance throughout the day!

Please call for rates for more than double occupancy.

* Rates are subject to change without notification